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We provide a natural alternative to prescription drugs.

Superior Quality

All of our cannabis is organically grown to the highest standards.


We provide a caring and comfortable clinical setting for all patients.

Our Medicine

CanMed Wellness is dedicated to providing organic world-class medicinal cannabis products. Our growers strive to use natural and sustainable growing techniques to bring out the best qualities of the plant. We oversee the production of our medicine from seed to sale; this allows us to offer more affordable prices to our patients across-the-board. Artisan growing methods combined with cutting edge technology ensure the consistency, value, and potency of all CanMed products.
In addition to organic whole-plant cannabis, CanMed Wellness provides non-psychoactive cannabis products ranging from extracts, concentrates, and healthy cannabis leaf juice. Quality control and standardized products are key to the efficacy of the medication, and essential to ensuring that our products meet regulatory requirements.

Juicing Cannabis

Our Mission

Canmed Wellness strives to provide the highest quality – lab tested – all organic medical cannabis products. We work together with Doctors to formulate effective treatment plans for our patients, and set the standards for legal compliance and operational transparency.